Recently Cataloged Photos from the White House Photographs Collection

By Nicola Mantzaris and Laura Kintz, Archivists for Photographic and Textual Digitization

One of the largest and most heavily used collections at the JFK Library is the White House Photographs collection. The nearly 30,000 still photographs taken by White House and National Park Service staff photographers document President John F. Kennedy’s official activities as the 35th President of the United States, including meetings, state dinners, and other social events at the White House, the President’s domestic and international trips, as well as his personal family life.

It has been a long-term goal to digitize the collection in full and make it accessible to the public online. While we are almost two-thirds of the way there, we still have a fairly large backlog of previously scanned images of photographic negatives and prints from this important collection. We continue to focus on cataloging the White House Photographs backlog, even when work plans and other projects direct our attention elsewhere.

In this cataloging update, we invite you to enjoy the following highlights of recently-published White House Photographs:

AR7693-C. President Kennedy encounters the enthusiasm of young leaders in public service during a White House visit of the U.S. Senate Youth Program.
AR7689-A. President Kennedy meets with members of the Consumer Advisory Council in the Fish Room of the White House. We love to see so many women serving on the Council!
AR7695-D. The President meets with editors and publishers from Wyoming newspapers. The group consisted entirely of men, with one exception: Bonnie Geneva Miller Davis, editor of the Wheatland Record-Times.
ST-C73-2-62. The President meets with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Palm Beach, Florida, during the Christmas holiday.
ST-13-1-62. President Kennedy meets with civilian and military leaders of the 2506th Cuban Invasion Brigade, all of whom were taken prisoner during the Bay of Pigs invasion of April 1961. Alvaro Sanchez, Jr., chairman of the Cuban Families Committee for Liberation of Prisoners of War, Inc. (first from left), played an integral role in their release.

To view the complete list of recently-cataloged White House Photographs events from this update, follow the links below:

JFKWHP-1962-12-27-B. Meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Palm Beach, Florida 10:15AM

JFKWHP-1962-12-27-C. Meeting with Cuban Exile group leaders, 4:00PM

JFKWHP-1963-01-28-C. Signing – Reclamation Contracts: Columbia Basin Project, San Luis Unit, 3:45PM

JFKWHP-1963-01-28-D. Meeting with the US Advisory Commission on Information, 4:30PM

JFKWHP-1963-01-31-A. Meeting with the Consumer Advisory Council, 10:00AM

JFKWHP-1963-01-31-B. Presentation of the American Heart Association’s “Heart of the Year” Award to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Supreme Commander General Lauris Norstad, 12:00PM

JFKWHP-1963-02-01-A. Visit of the Senate Youth Group, 9:30AM

JFKWHP-1963-02-01-B. Swearing-in ceremony for David Lawrence, Chairman, President’s Committee on Equal Opportunity in Housing, 12:10PM

JFKWHP-1963-02-01-C. Luncheon for Wyoming Publishers & Editors, 1:00PM

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  1. During these current times, I find JFK’s pictures & speeches to be most reassuring! ❤????????????

  2. I could not agree more, wish we had a leader today like him. He was the real thing not a charleton.

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