1. I enjoy these glimpses into the past. To some, it may seem a little “silly”, however I look at these from the historical point of view. All of the individuals in these pictures might remain in obscurity but for decency and integrity of those who took and/or preserved these images and identified those in them.

    We always hear of the presidents or Cabinet members; to see the people who go unheralded but are responsible for the decorum and functioning of the White House is exceptionally gratifying to me.

    Thank you.

  2. There was a dark haired military aide who was photographed in multiple photos with JFK and Jackie at dinners, reception lines (the gent stood in the background) etc… When the Apriil 1996 auction of Jacqueline Kennedy’s state was hosted, this man’s wife bought multiple jewelry lots as did her twin sister. (I believe this gentleman’s wife bought the oft-used, small gold evening purse of JBK-O.) The wife’s name was Nancy Pillsbury and she lived in the St. Louis, Mo. area. Perhaps th gentlemane would be able to provide more info on the names of some of the unknown military people in your ‘mystery’ photographs.

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